My sign at the March for Science- Washington DC in April 2017. I posed for this picture in the metro station because it was raining and my sign was about to get soggy!


Hello, fellow primates!

Allow me to answer some questions that may be going through your mind:


“Why did you start a blog in 2018?”

1) I have a lot of thoughts about certain topics and want to share them with others. The general ‘theme’ of my blog is: exploring human relationships with animals and the natural world. If you have any ideas for future blog posts, please share them in the comments!

2) I want to ‘grow my platform’ for a little something else I’m working on for the future. Are bloggers not supposed to share that motive with their readers? Oh well! That being said, if three people I know read and enjoy this blog, I’d be happy with that outcome too.

3) I want to become more comfortable with my ‘voice’ as a writer, an identity I have only recently, and somewhat hesitantly, claimed for myself.

4) Apparently people still do actually read blogs.


“What’s with the name- Almost Anthropology?”

I am a self-proclaimed ‘almost anthropologist’ because I kind of read, think, and write like an anthropologist…but not quite. I have two degrees in anthropology, but I am also interested in wildlife conservation, religion, writing, birds, environmental education, poetry, mountains, children’s literature, yeti folklore, origami, yoga…you get the point. Sometimes my perspective tends more toward the spiritual/creative realm than the scientific. You have been warned! 🙂


“What kind of content can I expect to read on this blog?”

Great question! Keep an open mind. Maybe I’ll overcome my fears and share some of my own poetry. Maybe I’ll summarize a recent publication in the field of primatology and discuss why it matters to someone without a PhD in primates. Maybe I’ll write a review of a book I just read and loved. Maybe I’ll post a PSA about why you shouldn’t feed the monkeys at Silver Springs State Park. (Who am I kidding? I’m definitely going to do that.) I can’t promise that the content will be consistent in topic or format, but my hope is that it will always be interesting. I also hope you keep reading. Thanks for your support!


  1. I need this! So great to hear your voice through your writing. It’s as though we are hanging out again. Can’t wait for more content!


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