Connecting with Nature through Crafts

It sounds like a silly way to connect with the natural world. But, through crafting, I get the opportunity to study what animals really look like, interpret and express that in my own creative way, and then share my love for them with others when I give away the finished products! I even have crochet hooks handmade from wood collected from the forest where I conducted my Masters fieldwork! Here are pictures of some of my creations:

Moor macaque (Macaca maura) and pom-pom tree. Go team Macaca!
Narwhal that I gave to my partner’s niece for Christmas last year. Her little brother was jealous and now I’m going to make him and blue and purple dog 🙂
I was very proud of this crocheted salmon. I gave it to an ex-boyfriend who taught me to tie flies- something I found disturbing, fun, tedious, and a little bit genius all at once!
Giraffe! I gave it to Anna, my dear friend and bad-ass veterinarian.
Amigurumi-style bunny, posing with a blown-out egg I decorated with acrylic paint
Yak! Inspired by a rug in a Nepalese restaurant

I’d love to see other people’s animal/nature-related craft projects!

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