Cherry Blossom Haiku

reading haiku on the metro, en route to cherry blossoms a cherry blossom falls in the shadow of the Washington monument cherry blossoms float in bunches toward the Potomac and the Atlantic in the tidal basin a duck pair forages among flower petal sludge reflections of cherry blossoms in goose wake- petals ripple branches heavy […]

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We Is One

“Oneness is always growing in the world, boy.” This quote is from the children’s book Pax by Sara Pennypacker. As I listened to it in my car, the sentiment hit me like a ton of books. To the extent that I am a spiritual person, oneness is it. Unity. God. I am the whole universe and […]

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New to Nature Journaling

I recently learned about nature journaling as a tool to connect kids with the natural world. It wasn’t long before I decided that it would probably benefit me, too. I often feel overwhelmed with all that I want to learn, and nature journaling seemed like a fun, creative approach to focus my attention and learn […]

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Beaver Believer with Beaver Fever

I am newly obsessed with beavers. Aquatic rodents, ecosystem engineers. They are fascinating animals. I keep coming back to the same thought, “Apes don’t do this stuff! I am a primate person and a rodent is blowing my mind!” They are social, monogamous, cooperative. Busy and eager, sure. They are efficient builders, eating, constructing with, […]

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